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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

things are rockin around this town

barn jam, wed, oct 6, more kickin music from the never tired folks at awendaw green. this town is brimmin with talent so go out and support them. my barn jam posters are going to start movin in a direction that i haven't figured out yet. so keep an eye to the shed blog here because you may see something you truly detest. rock on my friends, it's october, the greatest month between september and november.

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  • Wristcutters -- very original idea. tom waits in it this one.
  • Down By Law --Awesome movie by jim jarmusch
  • Choke -- chuck pahlaniuk, need i say more?
  • The Big Lebowski--a coen brothers classic
  • Let the Right One In -- fresh take on the vampire genre. incredible movie
  • True Romance-tarantino script, one of the best movies ever
  • Fargo--another coen brothers classic, you betcha.
  • In Bruges--touching, funny, exciting. great movie