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Friday, January 21, 2011

james hall and the futura bold

recently my friend and mayor of torture town, had a house show with james hall. well, i had the pleasure of attending and folks, this guy is amazing. doug asked me to create a poster for his upcoming pourhouse show. and he is bringing his band along, the futura bold. this will be one to remember. don't miss it! futura bold is also a font not to be reckoned with.
read on:

Former Pleasure Club and Mary My Hope frontman and musically diverse artist/performer James Hall brings his band The Futura Bold to Charleston in support of their latest self titled album. If you know Hall, then you know a JH performance is more than a show. It's a sacred experience; truly a seductive revelation where spirits from the light and the shadows are conjured into a hallowed arena and the electric energy generated is of mythic proportions. Heavy, spiritual, intense stuff indeed.

With Torture Town and L Brown Odyssey in support, this will be the Rock Show of the year. You will not want to miss this one.

The Pour House
$7 (American)
Doors at 9pm
L Brown Odyssey - 10pm sharp
Torture Town - 11pm sharp
James Hall and the Futura Bold - 12pm sharp

Save the date, call the babysitter, ask off work on the 11th, take your zoot suit to the cleaners, ready your bail money.

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