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Monday, September 27, 2010

the relic hunter

spent all day saturday diving the edisto river fossil and relic hunting with an old college friend, gary koger, who has been a professional history relic and fossil hunter. him and i went to a spot he has been before on the edisto and we dove for 2-3 hours. we burnt a couple tanks each and snorkeled in some shallower water as well. from his perspective, we didn't do so well but i thought it was great. at right is a sharks tooth i found in about 8-10ft of water. it is small by most standards, approx 2" tall. found a few of these, gary found a big meg, around 4" tall. we also found, sawfish teeth, ray plates, whale vertebrate, tuna tails, sunglasses, lost key rings, a cell phone and countless other schwagg. it was a fun and educational day. i look forward to more relic hunting real soon.

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