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Friday, June 18, 2010

tonka truck memories

saw this old toy tonka truck/car carrier in an old junk store recently. when i was a kid or back in my day or they don't make em like this anymore--anyway, i had one just like this. metal. freakin cool metal truck toy. these were awesome and i had a dump truck, the cars that went on the carrier, a backhoe, basically a danged whole fleet of these kickass toy vehicles. tonka knew what they were doing. too bad kids today don't get to experience tetanus shots as much as we did.
happy fathers day yall. g


  1. Classic. I had one of these models too. I had to get at least 1 tetnus shot due that very toy/truck, that I can remember.
    Kids today...

  2. Not only did I have this truck 30+ years ago, but my wife found it in my mother's home last month.



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