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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new spoleto poster

i can't sop laughing everytime i think of this poster. no disrespect to the artist, maya lin, she is a force unto her own. but this poster cracks me up. i know where she got her inspiration. that will make you laugh as hard as me.(huh uh, i said hard, uh huh) that is the funny part. the sad part is spoleto festival usa is part sponsor of the halsey institute of contemporary arts' show during spoleto, "Call and Response: Africa to America, The art of Nick Cave and Phyllis Galembo". The opportunity to capitalize on these amazing artists work was missed. word on the street is nick cave offered to make one of his amazing sound suits specifically for the poster. think about how much fun the windows of king street would have been with that as the basis for the merchants! not to mention the amount of people exposed to this one of a kind art show. instead, once again we are left to look at a spread from an atlas with holes in it. nice holes, i must say.(huh uh, i said holes, uh huh). i think caitlin upton says it best"...because some people out there in our nation don't have maps..." hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


  1. LMAO. Refreshing look at another missed opportunity.

  2. I wish I were surprised that Spoleto had failed to recognize the art in its midst. But unfortunately, Nigel Redden acts like a so-called enlightened English settler in a land of brown cultural brothers. It's not just limited to his pedantic taste in art, but in his (and by extension, the Festival's) seeming disavowal of all artists and works that originate in Charleston.

    I mean, Maya Lin's cool, sure. And the piece is ...interesting...ish... But what does it really do? I think I'd be less bugged if all the layers underneath Charleston revealed slivers of our disparate roots--bits of Benin and Liberia and Scotland. But instead, all the interesting stuff is somewhere underneath Brown University, and there's a giant sucking WHITE hole under South Carolina.

    I feel made fun of. See, I can call my momma fat (or dumb, or inbred, or whatever), but, um Maya Lin & Nigel Redden just can't. Suck it, jerks.

  3. Um, I don't get it. When did the Spoleto festival become about geocaching? Just saying. I thought it was a big art show.

  4. While asking myself what is the perfect Spoleto poster, I must dig deep within the bowels of my being to come up with an answer. Is there a centrifugal force that prevents the expansion of creativity in a scrumtrulescent world? Where is the justice?

  5. today i saw it mistakenly hung in portrait orientation, and it was somehow a little easier to stomach.. but still a disappointment. wah wah wah

  6. Gil,

    Enjoyed your post...Tried to reach you by phone for a comment when I wrote a commentary panning the poster. Used one of your comments on a new post on the regional blog "Like the Dew." Go to: http://likethedew.com/2010/05/07/new-spoleto-festival-poster-panned/

    Commentary will be published next week in WestOf.

    Best, Andy



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